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Quick Tips

Using Cookies in your ASP page

Cookies, those small files that live in the Temporary Internet Files folder, are a great way to personalize your ASP pages. The following ASP code creates a page that will ask a user to enter their name the first time they visit the page, then recognize and greet them by name each subsequent visit.

If Not Request.Form("Name") = "" Then
    Response.Cookies("Name") = Request.Form("Name")
    Response.Cookies("Name").Expires = "Jan 1, 2010"
End If
 <title>Welcome Page</title>
If Request.Cookies("Name") = "" Then
    Response.Write "<form method=""post"">Enter Your Name: "
    Response.Write "<input type=""text"" name=""name"">"
    Response.Write "<input type=""submit"">"
    Response.Write "</form>"
    Response.Write "Welcome back, " & Request.Cookies("Name")
End If

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