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Quick Tips

Variable Name Prefixes
Good ASP code is easy to read and understand. A quick way to make your code self-documenting is to name your variables in a meaningful way. The IIS Resource Kit team has put together a list of variable name prefixes to be used with assorted data types. Using them will not only make your code easy to read, but it will also have a professional feel.

The prefixes are as follows:

bln: Boolean
byt: Byte
col :Collection object
cur: Currency
dtm: Date-time
dbl: Double
err: error
int: Integer
lng: Long
obj: Object
sng: Single
str: String
udt: User-defined type
vnt: Variant
cmm: ADO command
cnn: ADO connection
fld: ADO field
prm: ADO parameter
rst: ADO recordset

Simply add the prefixes to the front of your variables. For example, the variable Today becomes dtmToday. This simple habit can save you time and energy.
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