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Scope out your variables
In ASP, script- or page-level variables are available across all of the code on any page for the lifetime of that page. These variables are declared outside the scope of any particular procedure or function. Procedure-level variables, on the other hand, are declared within a function or procedure and are available only within the scope of that function. That means you can access the value in the variable only within the context of its function or procedure. The code below demonstrates how to declare both script- and procedure-level variables:

<%@ LANGUAGE="VBScript" %>
<META name="VI60_defaultClientScript" content="VBScript">
<META name="generator" content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
<SCRIPT id="clientEventHandlersVBS" language="vbscript">
Dim MyPageVariable ' Script level variable
Sub document_onclick
Responsedocument.Wwrite (MyLocalVariable) & "<BR>"
' Out of Scope
Responsedocument.Wwrite (MyPageVariable)

End Sub

Sub MyProcedure()
Dim MyLocalVariable ' Procedure-level variable
MyLocalVariable = "Available in the function"
MyPageVariable = "Available in the page"

End Sub

<P> </P>


In the example, MyLocalVariable is available only to the procedure MyProcedure. When the variable is called upon to display its contents from within the calling procedure, it has nothing to display since it is out of scope. The variable MyPageVariable, on the other hand, is available to reveal its contents.
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