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Quick Tips

Utilize browser capabilities
To give your site the broadest reach, build your Web pages for the lowest common denominator. HTML 3.2 is typically a safe bet. Only if you know that your end users have a 4.0 browser should you use such features as Dynamic HTML to deliver a more powerful experience. You should query the browser capabilities of your visitors using the browser capabilities ASP object (MSWC.BrowserType). This component creates a BrowserType object that provides your scripts with the capabilities of the browser viewing them.

Start by creating an instance of the BrowserType object:

<META name="generator" content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
<%Set bcObj = Server.CreateObject ("MSWC.BrowserType")%>

Now create a table and output four properties of the BrowserType: the browser name, the version number, and whether it supports VBScript and JavaScript.

<TABLE border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" width="75"%>
<TD><%= bcObj.browser%>
<TD><%= bcObj.version%>
<TD><%= bcObj.vbscript%>
<TD><%= bcObj.javascript%>

<P> </P>


Non-VB programmers should note that -1 is a Boolean true value, so if a browser supports VBScript, the above code will return -1 to indicate that.

In your server-side ASP code you can use these browser properties to generate the appropriate HTML and client-side script depending on the user's browser.
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