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Quick Tips

Query your database with ADO

Microsoft created ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to serve as the central model for building database interaction within Web pages. Language-independent ActiveX Data Objects can connect your Web pages to any ODBC-compliant database. Microsoft implemented ADO specifically to provide data access across the Web. The idea behind ADO is to provide an object-based interface that makes remote objects appear as if they were local. The benefits of the ADO model include low memory overhead and high speed, important considerations for Web-based applications.

Built on top of Microsoft's OLE database model, ADO is the successor to both Remote Data Objects (RDO) and Data Access Object (DAO).

ADO lets you use ActiveX scripting to connect to your datasource. You also can use ActiveX scripting to customize the properties and methods of an ActiveX Data Object. ADO supports transactions, cursors, error handling, and the use of stored procedures.

When using ADO, be sure to keep these three tips in mind:

  1. Create the recordset object if you are executing a single command once.
  2. Create the command object if you are executing the same command multiple times.
  3. Create the connection object if you are executing multiple commands.

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