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Encapsulate business logic in components
It can be difficult to decide whether to access a database directly from your Active Server Pages or from a component written in a language such as C++ or Visual Basic. You may want to use the following rule of thumb: If your database access and processing logic takes up more than 20 to 30 lines of script code, it's probably a good idea to create a separate component to handle the database access and processing logic. It's often tempting to put a lot of complex business logic into an ASP page, but that can slow down your application. ASP scripts are interpreted, and thus aren't as efficient as compiled components.

Whether you choose to build components and business objects using Visual Basic or a more complex language such as C/C++ or Java, the key is to find a way to integrate middle-tier business logic with your Web application. Using components this way can improve the performance and scalability of your application--and you can reuse components across your Web site and client-server applications.
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