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Navigation Stars *

For all the great content we have on the site, one of the most popular questions we get has nothing to do with the content. Once people realize that we're using one template for the entire site, they inevitably ask: "How do you get the little star in the navigation bar to appear next to the name of the section the user is currently in?"

Well, the first step is determining where the user is. To do this we use the value of URL from the Request.ServerVariables collection. That gives us a absolute path without the server name like /samples/index.asp. From there we strip out just the first level directory name and use that as our locator.

From that information we know what directory the page the user has requested is in and because we've kept the site somewhat well organized, that takes care of the bulk of it since our directory structure closely resembles the logical structure of the site.

From there it's just a matter of some conditionals determining where to show the star.

Here's a simplified version of the code in case you actually want to try something similar on your site:

Const STAR_HTML = "<FONT COLOR=""#FF0000""><B><CODE>*</CODE></B></FONT> "
Dim strSection
' Get full path
strSection = Request.ServerVariables("URL")
' Pull out first level directory.  Defaults to "home" if we're on the root
If InStr(2, strSection, "/", 1) = 0 Then
	strSection = "home"
	strSection = Mid(strSection, 2, Instr(2, strSection, "/", 1) - 2)
End If
' Convert to lower case for ease of comparison
strSection = LCase(strSection)
 <TD><% If strSection = "home"    Then Response.Write STAR_HTML %></TD>
 <TD><A HREF="/index.asp">Home</A></TD>
 <TD><% If strSection = "news"    Then Response.Write STAR_HTML %></TD>
 <TD><A HREF="/news/index.asp">News</A></TD>
 <TD><% If strSection = "tips"    Then Response.Write STAR_HTML %></TD>
 <TD><A HREF="/tips/index.asp">Tips</A></TD>
 <TD><% If strSection = "samples" Then Response.Write STAR_HTML %></TD>
 <TD><A HREF="/samples/index.asp">Samples</A></TD>

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