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How to Empty an Array

I recently got this question from a user working with arrays.

How do I easily assign an array to null? It's a string array, and I've tried: Array = Null, Array = Empty, Array = "" and I always get a Type Mismatch error.

I suppose I could build a custom function to cycle through the array and assign each part to "", but is there a VBScript function that already does this?

Well, while there isn't a built in VBScript array emptying mechanism, if you ReDim the array to the samne size without using the PRESERVE keyword, it achieves the desired result. So, assuming arrTest is your array, this code:

ReDim arrTest(UBound(arrTest))

will get the job done and you don't even have to loop through the array to do it.

Note: That just goes to show what I know... there actually is a VBScript array emptying mechanism! It's the Erase statement. It works with fixed arrays as well (which the ReDim statement doesn’t). So now you've got a choice of how to empty your arrays. Thanks to Zack Jones for giving me the heads up.

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