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Watch your Paths with Server.Transfer

Server.Transfer is one of the great new commands you can use if you've got ASP 3.0. It allows you to move processing to another ASP page to fulfill a client request. It's much more efficient and eliminates the redirect command being sent to the browser and the browser needing to make another request that occurs with Response.Redirect. There is one little catch however...

Since the client was never told they were moved, you need to be careful when using relative links. If you've moved the client to a directory different from where they started, you need to be sure the document you redirected them to can still find any support files it needs. This usually shows up as broken images on the client and while it can easily be fixed by using absolute paths in the target file, it can easily catch you off guard if you're transitioning from Response.Redirect commands and were't expecting it.

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