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Quick Tips

Autofix IIS Failures

In IIS 5 and above, the IISAdmin service is set up to automatically restart if it fails. This isn't just some special magic restricted to IIS and there's no reason you can't change what IIS does when it crashes. If you're having problems with your web server, want to be notified when there's a problem, or even want to restart the whole computer then this tip is for you.

In the services control panel you can view and modify the action that any service takes when it fails. Right click on the appropriate service and choose properties. On the resulting screen you should see a Recovery tab. This is the place to make those changes. By default, the IIS Admin Service runs IISReset for all failures, but that's simply the default. There's an option to restart the service, restart the computer, or even run any program you want.

Isn't it ironic that the first version of IIS to include a good way to handle failures is also the version of IIS that fails the least?

Oh and if you want more info on that IISReset command I mentioned above, the next tip is for you.

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