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Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most

When you start looking for ways to make your scripts run faster, it's often natural to look for the worst code and start fixing things from there. However, this isn't usually the way to get the most improvement bang for your coding buck.

Instead of looking for the ugliest code, take a look at your site and figure out what gets run the most. Your home page and template files that get included over and over are the perfect places to start. Start making your changes here where they can really pay off. Getting a script that runs once a day to run twice as fast is certainly nice, but shaving a couple extra CPU cycles off code which runs on every page will yield far more noticeable results.

By the same rational, when attempting to streamline any given set of code, pay particular attention to code inside of loops. Similarly to above, fixing a line of code that runs once will certainly help, but finding a speed-bump inside a loop can pay off hundreds of times over with each call to the page.

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