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Global.asa OnEnd Events Don't Run

I continually get questions concerning the Application_OnEnd and Session_OnEnd event handlers in global.asa not running. The problem is usually not that the server isn't set up right or that it's broken. It's usually something much simpler.

What developers tend to forget that the OnEnd events have no way to tell you when something's wrong. This is understandable since all the other pages on a web site and even the Application_OnStart and Session_OnStart don't have this problem. It stems from the fact that the OnEnd events execute long after the user has left so there's no browser to send an error message to. As a result, you might never know there's a problem with your code and the smallest bug or typo can cause the whole routine to not execute at all.

Because of this, you really need to be extra careful when writing or modifying code for these particular subroutines. I recommend adding a set of code with noticable results at the end of the routine during testing. For live code, some decent error handling will help catch those run time errors that seem to "just happen" on their own.

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