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Using Quotes in Your SQL Commands

SQL uses a single quote (') character to mark the beginning and end of a string. As such, using a string that contains a quote can cause errors because your database thinks the string is finished and expects SQL commands to come immediately after it.

In order to get around this problem, when SQL encounters two quotes in a row, it translates them into a single quote and continues reading the string instead of interpretting the quote as a string delimiter.

Note: This is the exact same behavior VBScript uses to deal with the double quote (") as illustrated in this tip.

To easily deal with this problem you can utilize a simple function like the one that follows to automatically double up your quote characters before passing your string to the SQL parser.

Function DoubleUpSingleQuotes(strInput)
    DoubleUpSingleQuotes = Replace(strInput, "'", "''")
End Function

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