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Never Use CreateObject

What's the difference between CreateObject and Server.CreateObject? They seem like they should be interchangable, but using the wrong one can cause your ASP application to fall flat on it's face.

VBScript's CreateObject method creates instances of objects inside the scripting engine's context and not in the context of the currently executing ASP page. This works fine in a single user environment, but on a web server it not only prevents the object from gaining access to the ASP intrinsics or the values from the current page, it also bypasses the memory management and process isolation benefits you get automatically when you use Server.CreateObject.

When working with ASP files, we've yet to find any benefit (or any reason at all) to use VBScipt's CreateObject over the one available from the Server object. So make sure that every time you use CreateObject you use Server.CreateObject.

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