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Bust Caching Once and For All

There are times when caching of your pages by browsers, proxy servers, and caching appliances can be a life saver. In general caching is a very good thing but, it can also be a real pain when it occurs at the wrong time. For those times when caching just is not acceptable, try this...

Almost all page caching is based upon the URL of the page. Therefore if you append a parameter that always changes to the url of the page you're linking to, it'll ensure that the page is freshly retreived when that link is followed. What you use to do this is up to you, but something as simple as a random number or a timestamp works fine for the most part.

<a href="<%= Server.URLEncode(Now()) %>">ASP 101</a>

will result in a link that looks like this:

that passes the cachebust parameter and results in the link that is generated being unique every time the page is loaded. What the caching servers don't know is that the parameter is meaningless. As long as it varies they have no way of determining if it's important or not to your asp page and so they're forced to pass the request back to the original server in order to get a response.

Thanks for the prompting to write this tip goes to Yahav Braverman (Shadow Wizard)

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