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Who Is This IUSR_machinename Anyway?

Because of the security involved in Windows NT and 2000, every user needs a username in order to connect to the server and gain permission to do something. IIS automatically sets up an account for the anonymous internet user that starts with IUSR_ and ends with the machine name of the server.

The properties on this account specify what rights an anonymous user to your web site has. Therefore it's important to keep the permissions on this account on a relatively tight string. If the account gets permission to the wrong things it becomes a real security breach and can result in anyone being able to get at information on your server that you might not really want to be public.

On the other hand, when you start getting "Access Denied" problems in your scripts, it's often because the user doesn't have enough rights. Figure out if it's something you really want everyone to be able to do or not, but either way, the IUSR_machinename is usually the account in question.

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