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Quick Tips

Make Your Scripts Filename Independent

How often have you renamed an asp script only to find it references itself and because of the rename no longer works. This is often the case with self-referenceing forms and can get really annoying.

So instead of typing the script's name into a form's action attribute, try using a variable from the ServerVariables collection. Specifically, try path_info, script_name, or url. I tend to use script name because it manes the most logical sense to me.

So instead of:

<form action="filename.asp">

which will break when you rename the file, try:

<form action="<%= Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") %>">

When you do something simple like rename a script, there's really no reason it shouldn't post back to the new name automatically. Sometimes it's the simple things (like not having to get involved) that can really make your day.

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