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Quick Tips

Always Put "s Around Your Data

One of out visitors came up with this extremely worthwhile tip. When using ASP to fill in the attributes of HTML tags, make sure the values have double quotes around them. Here's why...

First of all, it is a good programming practice to always double quote dynamically generated ASP data since you never know what's going to be in it. This is especially helpful for things like the value attribute of an input element and for data coming from a database field where it might not be apparent that the data contains imbedded spaces.

For example... assume the value in the recordset field contains the string "Class C". While this code:

<input name="class" value="<%= rsDC.Fields("class").Value %>">

would produce the desired results, this code:

<input name="class" value=<%= rsDC.Fields("class").Value %>>

would give you "Class" when you went to retreive the value on a subsequent page. Worse yet, if most of your data doesn't have spaces, this can make for hours of frustrating troubleshooting when you run across a piece of data that does.


Thanks go out to Tom Kwasniewski for this Quick Tip.

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